Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gray Paint Gives Dumpy Side Table New Life

It almost went to the trash.

But a few new screws,

lots of sanding,

and a fresh coat of paint

make the little dumpster table

a welcome addition.

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Laurel wants to put this in her classroom.

She has a gray and yellow palette started

with these fun files.

I mixed black and white together to make a gray base.

I love the finish that these paints give.

On the final coat of gray,

I mixed a little floetrol in so it would extend the paint

and make it go on smoothly.

Then I dry brushed white over the top.

We lettered some inspiration across the drawer.

Tape and chalk,

then paint

Always fun to see the afters!


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Countryside Folk Art

I'm a little bit country.

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and I'm always drawn to folk art.

This little slice of country

was a way to explore

light and shadow,

texture and color.

First, I have to show you what inspired me.

I went to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival

and found a wonderful booth 

loaded with color.

Here is a picture of Jennifer Cavan's Work.

I have also admired Cathy Horvath's paintings.

They are also very colorful and have such

interesting light and shadow effects.

and obviously I have a thing for barns

and the quaint countryside.

So I had to get my brushes out and give it a go.

I hope you do too!

I built a box with a 5 1/2" fenceboard and some furring strips.

I made it 26" long.

Base painted a mix of brown and raw sienna.

Using white, yellow, and gold,

I dipped my cardstock into all 3 colors 

and pulled across the surface,

adding more white at the top

and accenting with raw sienna at the bottom.

I mixed two blue puddles of paint

plus I dipped into the white

to make my sky,

keeping it darker on top and lighter

where it meets the field.

I like some of my base board to show through.

Chalk or pencil transfer the barn template.

Brush base white.

Using light tan and white,

pull cardstock down barn sides

keeping it darker on the right.

Raw Sienna for the roof.

Black and White for the window and door.

Add a little gray to the raw sienna

and make a shadow on the right of the barn.

Keep the left side lighter with more white paint.

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Ta-da!  See, you're a little bit country too.

I think there is something beautiful

 about the simple shapes,

vibrant color,


light and shadow

in these folksy art pieces.

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